06. Oct 2021
Evan Kodra, SDS Lab alumnus and CEO of climate risk analytics startup risQ , delivers an invited keynote titled Climate Resilience from Academia to Startup at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay.

24. Sep 2021
A report on climate change and wildfires by SDS Lab spinout risQ gets acknowledged in an NBC News video on climate justice.

20. Sep 2021
SDS Lab PhD student Nishant Yadav starts an internship with the Hitachi AI Labs in Santa Clara, CA.

04. July 2021
Happy Fourth! Kate Duffy’s PhD dissertation defense is on July 15 at noon Eastern. Join the public defense here. Her work at the intersection of climate-ecology broadly continues the theme of Daiwei Wang’s Nature paper. Her work on deep emulation for satellite remote sensing is joint with NASA.

1. July 2021
Welcome Dr. Antonia Sohns and Dr. Sebastian Ruf as Postdoctoral Research Associates. Read their papers on participatory modeling and contagion spread respectively.

28. June 2021
Poulomi Ganguli’s Scientific Reports paper, based on her postdoctoral research at the SDS Lab in the climate-water-energy nexus, is highlighted in an E&E News article.

1. June 2021
Stone Chen has moved back to Boston and will officially join the SDS Lab as a PhD student starting Fall 2021. See his prior collaborative work with the SDS Lab on physics-guided uncertainty quantification.

26. May 2021
Subimal Ghosh, a professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and a long time collaborator of the SDS Lab, gets AGU’s prestigious DL Memorial award. Read a Nature Climate Change paper which resulted from Subimal’s prior collaboration with the SDS Lab.

10. May 2021
Doctoral students Puja Das and Jack Watson start internships at NASA’s Ames Research Center and US DOE’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) respectively.

22. March 2021
Shashank Konduri, PhD student at the SDS Lab, joins NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center (see NU-COE news article ). Read one of Shashank’s papers on remote sensing here.

21. October 2020
Auroop Ganguly is quoted in an article on the climate-water-energy nexus by S&P Global.

8. January 2020
Northeastern SDS Lab climate risk analytics spinout risQ emerges from stealth (BusinessWire News). The co-founders include former SDS Lab PhD student Evan Kodra, currently the CEO, and SDS Lab PI Auroop Ganguly, currently the Chief Scientific Adviser.