Dialogue of Civilizations

The SDS Lab has been organizing, each summer, undergraduate study abroad programs in climate change science, engineering adaptation, and policy, covering different parts of the world with a focus on emerging economies. The programs are organized as part of Northeastern University’s Dialogue of Civilizations and led by the SDS Lab PI who serves as the primary instructor. A feature of these programs are climate change war games where students engage in informed role-playing. In addition to the participating undergraduate students, past programs have included SDS Lab PhD students as co-instructors and SDS Lab undergraduate researchers as student mentors. Over the years, this interdisciplinary program has enrolled undergraduate students from all colleges at Northeastern, and traveled to Brazil, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Peru, and Singapore.

2014 Program: India 2015 Program: India 2015: Northeastern News
2016: India 2017: Indonesia & Singapore 2018 (Phase I-II): Peru & Brazil
2018 (Phase III-IV): Peru & Brazil 2019: Nepal and India 2019 (Blog): Nepal and India
2019: Boston meets Dohar’s(Kolkata) Music 2020: Virtual 2014-2020: Climate Dialogues at Alumni Event
2021: Climate Action Panel 2022: Tanzania 2023: Nepal and India

The CNAS climate wargames which originally motivated the Dialogue wargames