The SDS Lab research themes are described in the Home Page while selected publications are highlighted in the Publications page. Here we provide a list of our selected funding, including organizations funding our experiential PhD students, as well as a few presentations and posters which may provide a summary of our research. Furthermore, we provide links to shared codes and data repositories developed by current and former SDS Lab members.


The SDS Lab PI Auroop Ganguly has been directly involved in funding grants for research totaling around $25 Million during his last 10 years at Northeastern University and prior 7 years at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His funding has primarily come from US federal agencies such as NSF, DOD, NASA, DHS, DOE and DOE Labs, with occasional grants and in-kind support from the private and public sectors. Ganguly has also managed several large projects and products during his experience in the private sector. Here we list a few selected research funding.

  • Organizations funding Experiential PhD Students:

    • NASA (Ames Research Center)
    • US DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    • US DOE’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    • risQ Inc.

For a detailed list of funding grants, see the PI’s CV here


Keynotes: The National Academy

Convergent Research to Industry Startups by SDS Lab PI Auroop Ganguly and risQ CEO (and SDS Lab PhD alumnus) Evan Kodra

SDS Lab Research Overview: Invited Talk at IIT Gandhinagar by Auroop Ganguly:

SERDP 2020-Symposium: Project NICE by Auroop Ganguly

NSF ScienceLives interview:

SDS Lab Climate Research Introduction:

SDS Lab Resilience Research Introduction:


Code or Data Repositories by current or former SDS Lab team and close collaborators:

GitHub Pages:

Journal Repositories (check supplemental information):